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Community Building 

Afrikan Traditions, LLC the founding corporation of Daughter of the Soil Non-Profit (501c) established October 2017.  Remains consistent in demonstrating genuine efforts to mend a desolate community. A sought out sacred space designed with intent to unite humanity, heal ancestral traumas and exercise community responsibility.  Afrikan Traditions geographically located in the heart of the desert.  Whereas Las Vegas, Nevada offers an extensively diverse array of entertainment and attractions, among the multitude of bright lights, Afrikan Traditions provides an eccentric cultural experience.  Supplying antique and modern artifacts, instruments, home decor, jewelry, and much more imported from various regions of Africa. The motherland continues to contribute heartfelt gifts to the dry places of the United States. Many identify Afrikan Traditions as a divine place to embrace harmony while rebuilding inside and out!

Building Fund Timeline

July 1 - July 28, 2023

Donation Goal: $1,950,000

Amount Pledged to the Date: $10K 

Purpose of Fundraiser:

Finance Construction Project for Afrikan Traditions second location- buildouts; retail, energy spa, studio, herb apothecary, and water  distribution. Hiring process; employee training and salary (including benefit packages). Inventory, furniture, equipment and appliances. Licenses, permits and insurance, marketing and advertisement, reserve, and investments.

NO DEBT ACQUIRED on the road to economic freedom.

One-time Donation 

Become a Monthly Contributor to the Vision

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