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 The Woman Behind the Traditions

 Divine is a retired service member of the Nevada Air National Guard, and retiree of the City of Las Vegas  Department of Public Safety  where she served as a law enforcement officer.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and holds an associate’s degree in Business Management, as well as, Transportation.  

Divine strives to bridge the American Black community with its roots and teachings regarding Afrika. With an objective to aid and assist those who desire cultural enlightenment, natural health practices and spiritual awareness.


Afrikan Traditions is a manifestation of her dream to share her wealth of wisdom and knowledge with her community through an array of services and products- from her knowledge of the imported, handcrafted art from AfriKa, to coordinating and promoting healing workshops, retreats, seminars, and open forums to address social, political and economic issues in throughout the community.

“Our community goal is to Empower and Educate, assuring a future of self- sustainability and ascension.”

Leading by Example with Health Alternatives that Identify, Address and Release.  Eliminating psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual Trauma that attracts depression and anxiety.

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